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What We Do

Our Mission

Educate The Child

We believe that children are made in the image of God and loving and nurturing them is a sacred calling. Each child is unique with boundless potential. We look for every opportunity to develop children as they pursue their dreams. We do this through our Sponsor a Child program. We currently partner with 9 schools.

$30.00 a month or $360.00 a year

will sponsor a child! Each child receiving a scholarship is carefully evaluated by the administration and teachers to ensure the child is committed and that the family of the child is in need of assistance. What your monthly sponsorship does:
  • Pays for bi-monthly groceries that last a family of five for an estimated two to three weeks.
  • School tuition for the year.
  • School uniform and school supplies.
  • One medical check-up a year. If your child has health issues, we will let you know. You can contribute towards health needs if you are able and would like to, no obligation!
  • Two Field trips a year.
  • Monthly check-in from our Le Pont team. We want to support, encourage dreams and to make sure your child is healthy emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • Regular communication with the school’s liaison. They know the children and their needs well.
  • The liaison from each school will visit your sponsored child once a month to be assured that everything is going well with them at home.
What you can do: Pray for your child! You can write to your child via email as often as you would like. The Le Pont team in Togo will translate your letters into French and Ewe for your child and they will have the opportunity to reply to you as well!

Empower the Community

Imagine if you can...

Your elementary-age daughter walking hours daily to fetch water instead of being in school. She gets up every morning to the same desperate routine. Her hope is on hold. In Africa, girls under the age of 15 are twice as likely as boys to be responsible for getting water for the family. To pursue a hopeful future, she and her family need water…every day.

Our Living Wells projects bring together the three goals of LPI: children are educated, churches are equipped, and communities are empowered.

$10,000 puts a water well in a village, providing clean water, vegetable gardening, fish and poultry production, jobs for a community, and a strategic center for community development​.

Equip The Church

Our passion at LPI is to fulfill the great commission of Jesus to make disciples of all nations. We do this by training community transformers. These community leaders oversee and maintain the wells as a base for community outreach. The church thus becomes a strategic center of community development.


Our pastor support fund provided food and living expenses for 250 pastors during the Covid crisis. Today our pastor support fund meets the basic needs of pastors in need.

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