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On January 26, 2024, twelve major Togo denominations partnered with Le Pont International for a landmark cooperation agreement.

Who We Are

We are an organization on mission with God to transform lives and communities in Africa

What We Do

Transforming lives and communities

The Child

Through our Sponsor
a Child program

The Community

Through our Living Wells

The Church

Through Training
Community Transformers

Child Sponsorship

$30 a month provides school tuition, school uniform &
supplies, medical check-up, and bi-monthly groceries.

Adouke Aboladji

10 years old | Lomé - Togo

Chérifatou, a lovely girl, lost her father three years ago. Living with her mother and two brothers in a rented house, they struggle with school expenses. Seeking help for their education, the mother trades cassava flour to support the family.


10 years old | Lomé - Togo

Majoie, a kind girl, excels in school despite her father's loss. Her family struggles financially, seeking support for stability and education.

Herbert Afanou

10 years old | Lomé - Togo

Herbert, ambitious despite his father's abandonment, aspires to be a doctor. Excelling in school, he lives with his sister and mother, seeking support for their education in their rented house.


5 years old | Lomé - Togo

Aquilas, motherless with his sibling, lives with a devoted father managing entrepreneurial ventures to support them. Struggling, the father seeks assistance for Aquilas' education, fostering a bright academic future.

Aimé Johnson

15 years old | Lomé - Togo

Aimé, fatherless for 4 years, lives with her mother and siblings in a rented house. The mother struggles to support them, with the uncle helping in education. Support can aid their brighter future.

Ablorevie Eklou

10 years old | Lomé - Togo

Mari-love, a bright fatherless girl, lives with her sister and struggling mother. The mother sells rice to support them, facing challenges. Sponsorship can provide hope for their education and well-being.

Living Wells

$10,000 puts a water well in a village, providing clean water, vegetable gardening, fish and poultry production, and jobs for a community

Your giving goes
a long way.

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