Le Pont – A Bridge to Africa

We have water in three new Togolese villages!

Friday, March 3rd the village of Adewei Cope, with a population of over 500 received the gift of water! Well drillers tapped into a large aquifer of pure water at 110 meters (360 feet) 

Last November, we drove 5 miles from this village to baptize 40 people in a muddy stream. Women walked there daily to fetch water for their families. Today these women are celebrating.

The team then traveled northward to Sakpale, a village of 800. Women and girls walk 6 miles daily to a river to fetch water.  Waterborne disease is rampant. The team struck water at 214 feet. 

Our team is now in Tantoga, a village of 400, at the extreme north of Togo. This is a poverty-stricken area with no wells. Rainwater is collected in puddles. Women walk 6 miles to get water from a river that is dry for several months a year. The conditions are hard to imagine.

March 27th all three villages will have fully functioning Living Water Wells.  We have just installed our first solar-powered well in a village without electricity.

And most importantly, disciples of Jesus Christ are being made in all three villages.