Le Pont – A Bridge to Africa

My first treatment began yesterday at 1 pm

It started with a stop at the lab for blood work followed by a very long consultation about what this treatment would involve. Rex was by my side every step of the way.

Then we went to the infusion room that is set up with a large number of vinyl reclining chairs with an apparatus standing by each chair that holds the IVBags. Since it was 3:00 PM, it was not full and they allowed Rex to take a chair beside me, which was NOT a happy place for him to be, but I sure was happy to have him by my side. The infusion was followed by 2 injections of something the nurse apologized for having to administer, explaining that the med was as thick as syrup and would take longer than usual to exit the syringe.


Another trip to the lab where they found that I had a UTI infection and that a prescription for antibiotics had been called into our pharmacy. Rex had been faithfully and conscientiously carrying around a good number of papers explaining everything, as well as the 3-week supply of meds,  neatly packaged with a full explanation on dosage.

They asked us to make another trip to the lab for further testing of the UTI, and finally, we returned home after 4 hours.

I am certain this is a very confusing report. But one thing was not confusing. We had unusual grace for every step we took through that TX Cancer Center yesterday.

When we got in our car, we marveled at how well everything went on this dreaded day of beginning treatment again. Then we paused pondering what the day would have been like for a person who did not have the prayer support and encouraging messages that we had received.

I will have to add that by the time we got home, I was feeling some pretty severe pain in my legs, no doubt from the infusion of Zometa for the bones, but I ended up getting a good night’s sleep and definitely not as much pain today. I am so thankful to the Lord and for the prayers of His precious people.