Le Pont – A Bridge to Africa

The First Village: Adewei Cope

The village chief and his family joined with the new church of 40 baptized believers to mobilize the entire village for this Living Well inauguration celebration. We were greeted with a cloud of dust as villagers danced, sang, and shouted out their welcome as we drove into the village. The service was held next to the Well under the shade of a newly expanded wing of a grass-roof church structure lined with simple backless benches. Le Pont is paying the young Loso-speaking pastor and his wife a $90 monthly salary for the first year. They are daily in the village ministering the Word of God and praying for the people. Le Pont is working alongside this pastor to make disciples, sponsor children, plant vegetable gardens, and create jobs with small business loans for women through the Prisca Peace Project.Β 

“You have saved our lives”

Sakpale is in the heart of a Muslim region. Pastor Daniel, his wife Clementine, and a small group of wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ are faithfully and boldly sharing Christ through the new living water well with their Muslim neighbors. The regional director of water and village hydraulics spoke at the well inauguration ceremony. β€œThis is the new standard of water wells for Togo”, he said, pointing to the new structure.

Muslim women told pastor Daniel and the church, β€œYou have saved our lives”.

They are now open to the gospel.

The Third Village: Tantogo

TantogoΒ is located near Togo’s northern border near Dapaong. The living water well is next to a church that faces threats from Muslim extremists crossing the border from Burkina Faso. Again, the entire population turned out for the inauguration ceremonies. My daughter and I were stopped by the Togolese military and not allowed into the area, but our Togolese team was able to enter and lead the celebration.Β 

Muslims are responding!
Four of our six Living Wells are in primarily Muslim areas. We are seeing fruit. 40 have placed their faith in Jesus and have been baptized. These four Muslim women, and their children, recently became followers of Jesus. They are preparing for baptism. Persecution has not dampened their newfound faith in Christ.