Le Pont – A Bridge to Africa

“Go quickly and meet your Alpha”

As a 10-year-old Muslim, Moustafa started having dreams of a man who walked on water and say to him, “Go quickly and meet your Alpha”. The dreams and visions haunted him well into his late teens. Who is this, Alpha? How can I meet him? 

He longed for peace from the raging storm of inner confusion and emptiness. He left his home village of Benin, crossed the border into Togo, and got a job working the fields. 

For the first time in his life, he met a Christian. His name was Yao and quickly became his friend. Yao never spoke to him of Jesus but told Moustafa that he was praying for him. 

The dreams and visions continued. One night in a dream he discovered that Jesus was the Alpha he had dreamed about since he was 10. But how could this be? He could never believe in Jesus or trust Christians. He was deeply troubled. He sensed from his dreams and his friendship with Yao that perhaps Jesus was the answer to the turmoil in his soul and his search for peace.

But it was unthinkable. He had been taught that this was the worst thing that could happen to a Muslim

He wrote a suicide note to his friend, Yao, laid it beside his bed, and prepared the acid and cartridges to take his life. “I am tired in this world. I do not want to become a Christian. I will end it all.”   At 5 am Yao suddenly awakened, read the note, and went after his friend. He found him preparing the acid and cartridges in a field. He talked to him about Jesus, telling him that He was the Alpha for whom he had been searching. He read to him John 3:16.

“For God so loved the world that He gave his only son, that whoever believes in Him would not perish but have everlasting life.” 

Moustafa had seen the love of Christ in Jerome Ethridge, an agricultural missionary from Plains, Georgia who left it all to spend 17 years digging 130 water wells, 23 ponds stocked with fish, teaching farming, and irrigation, and demonstrating the love of Christ for the people of Togo West Africa. Moustafa made a firm decision to trust Christ alone for salvation. 

“Never in my life have I heard a man talk like this”

Moustafa’s life was transformed by the love of God revealed in the message of John 3:16. He experienced great joy and deep inner peace for the first time in his life. He was now a man with a mission. He returned to his home in Benin, to share with the 25,000 Muslims in the region of Bassila this Good News. But his father was furious that he would become a Christian. He tried everything to stop him. When threats did not work, he doused him with gas to set him on fire. Moustafa fled. Another time the father took a machete knife to kill him, wounding him in the stomach. When Moustafa’s sister became a Christian, that was the last straw. He had him arrested on trumped-up false charges of sedition and trafficking his sister. He was brought before the Muslim chief of police. “What do you have to say for yourself”? Moustafa answered. “I am ready to die for the truth and not for a lie”. Don’t you know I could have you imprisoned for life?
Then in a miraculous turn of events, the police inspector turned to the accusing father and the gathered crowd. “Never in my life have I heard a man talk like this. This boy’s father has tried to have him eliminated through threats, attempts on his life, and now these charges of blasphemy. This young man is free to choose his own religion. Moustafa, you are free to go.”
Moustafa has now planted 25 churches in Benin among Muslim background believers. He gathers the leaders of these churches weekly to teach and pray with them. A movement has begun in the midst of fiery persecution. I have talked with Moustafa daily this week. His courage, faith, and perseverance remind me of Jesus during His last week on earth -falsely accused, arrested, beaten, convicted, and sentenced to death on a cross. All for love. Moustafa, along with countless unknown Christ-followers are suffering daily so others may know the love of God in Christ.

Moustafa, his wife, Viviane, and five daughters, live in West Africa. They lead a network of 25 churches. Moustafa also uses African music and dance to reach people. 

Moustafa’s New Moto!

Through the generosity of Le Pont International donors, CMA, and Missionary Ventures, Moustafa, along with 9 other pastors & evangelists can now go to hard-to-reach places with the Good News of Christ this Easter.

Pray for him as he trains leaders in 25 villages.

Pray for Moustafa’s family and their labor of love among Muslim families

Pray for new musical instruments and sound equipment used in open-air gospel meetings.