Le Pont – A Bridge to Africa

I met last week with the team in Togo about plans for 6 new Living Wells™️ in Togo, Benin, and Cote d’Ivoire (September).  They have already begun work with leaders in these villages. I will travel to Togo around July 15th to participate in a training session with pastors and community leaders from each village. Pastors and churches are equipped to use these Living Wells as centers of evangelism, enterprise, and education for the transformation of villages. 


We had planned for two wells in Burkina Faso but because of Muslim extremist violence at the border, we are putting them on hold for a few months. Pray for peace along the Burkina border with Togo, Ghana, and Cote d’Ivoire. 


Please pray for Shalom (peace) in these 6 new Living Wells™️ villages. They are predominately Muslim areas. Pray for our team as they prepare the pastors and village leaders for community transformation which starts with a Living Well of water. 


Thank you for your generous donations which enables us to bring to 12 the number of villages with Living wells I will keep you updated. In His grip of grace, Rex