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Please pray for Sherry!


Many of our Le Pont International family know that my wife, Sherry, was recently diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer. We were shocked by the news. Sherry has experienced weight loss and debilitating fatigue over the past few months. Blood tests showed low iron but further tests and scans revealed the root cause. 

Two weeks ago, we met with her oncologist, Dr. Robyn Young. Our son, John, and his wife Anne met with us. Sarah, Billy, Rebekah, and Nick were also able to join us by phone as Dr. Young gave us the diagnosis and a plan for treatment.  We had questions. She had answers. 

The treatment starts tomorrow at 1:15 CST. She will have a monthly non-chemo infusion of Zometa to strengthen her bones and lower calcium levels in her blood. She will also have a monthly injection of a drug called Faslodex. Then she will take three tablets a day of Kisqali, to block estrogen receptors and stop the cancer cells from growing.

I give these details so you will pray specifically against side effects and for the success of this hormone treatment. 

We believe God has given man, created in His image, authority to exercise dominion here on earth. The drug given to Sherry back in 2012 was called Herceptin. She responded well to this treatment and a daily pill called Anastrozole, which she took for 10 years. 

  1. Please pray for Dr. Robyn Young and her team at the Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders. Pray for their success and others like them who fight tirelessly against this disease. 
  2. Pray that Sherry responds well to the treatment with minimal & manageable side effects. 
  3. Pray for Shalom in our home – a peace that is above and beyond the rational mind’s ability to grasp. This Shalom includes wholeness, well-being, and healing in Jesus’ name.¬†
  4. Finally, brothers and sisters in Christ, let’s pray for one another, that¬†we will seize this season and share with others the hope we have in Christ.¬†

We love you and are extremely grateful for your prayers. 

In his grip of grace,

Rex and Sherry